Yr 12: Thinking about the Bigger Picture

Most students in yr 12 still have no idea what they want to do in uni… and can you blame them? For starters, it can be scary to choose. You don’t have much experience in the world, you aren’t 100% sure whether your interests are fleeting or long term and you aren’t ready to commit yourself to anything. And, IF you say something aloud, it feels like then suddenly people will have these great BIG expectations of you. Besides, uni is AGES away so surely it is much more IMPORTANT to focus on the now, right?? Ok definitely try and do the very best you can in the HSC, I’m not undercutting that one since ATAR certainly helps many people get into Uni – but it isn’t the only way!


Goals and/or hopes for the future.


They are the unsung heroes of success, trust me on this one. So many students complain about how HARD the HSC is, lacking motivation and that DREADED yr 12 burnout :(( Thats where goal setting comes in. Even if its something very small, set it. It’ll give you something to work towards and as long as you believe its achievable, you are already one step closer to success!


I’m not saying you should have your life all planned out in yr 12 (I mean great for you if you do!) but I’m saying you should start to have a more concrete idea of where you would LIKE to go. Many students turn 18 in yr 12 – legally adults. Its probably time to start taking some RESPONSIBILITY over your choices because it is YOUR life.


Choose the degree YOU are interested in and the career path YOU want to follow. If you want to take a GAP year, TAKE IT. I guess my point here is this – there is SO much more beyond the HSC. Take the HSC seriously of course but also take solace in the knowledge that your success in life isn’t determined by some number on an academic transcript. As long as you are working towards something you are passionate about, I believe you have the potential to go places so keep fighting <3


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