Year 7 English Survival Guide

If you’ve just started high school this year, you’re probably wondering what your subjects will be like! The difference between primary school and high school english is quite significant, so today I’ll be sharing some advice for your first year of english studies!

  1. Reading your texts is super important. I know it may seem a bit overwhelming to be given 6 novels and a booklet of poems to read at the start of the year, but without reading these texts you won’t understand what’s going on in class or how to do your assessments. If you’re not a big fan of reading, try breaking up the books into small, achievable chunks and reward yourself after each one. Make a plan of when you aim to have read each book by and try to stick to these goals!
  2. While reading your texts, it is very important that you take in what is happening and make some notes so that you can remember everything. One way to do this is to make a reading journal. Get out a blank notebook and after each session of reading, write down the book’s title, which pages you read and a general description of the events. If there are lots of characters in your book, it can also help to create a mindmap of how the characters are all connected to each other, and the things they each experience.
  3. Grammar and spelling is crucial in high school english. If you make mistakes with these things consistently, the teachers aren’t able to focus on what you’ve actually written! They will be so focussed on these small mistakes that they won’t be able to interpret your ideas, which is not good! As you come across new words that you haven’t heard of before, note them down in a vocab notebook and search up their definitions. Also, if you find that you always misspell a specific word, write that down too and practice it. If you need extra help with grammar and spelling, ask your teacher and they will be able to help you.
  4. One of the most important things to do in english is to ask questions! This can be both to your teacher and to your friends. English is about developing and writing ideas, so the best way to prepare for assessments is to practice sharing your ideas! If you have an opinion about a character, or a theory of what might happen next, chat to your friends about it! And if there is something that is confusing you, or you don’t understand how a specific theme relates to your text, ask your teacher. If you don’t feel comfortable putting your hand up in class, send them an email or see them after class. They are there to help you and won’t think you’re silly for asking any questions at all.

High school english is hard, but it is definitely achievable if you put the effort into it! If you’re struggling and would like some extra help, you can enrol in our Year 7 English and Maths tutoring program! We run group classes that focus on the syllabus, and on developing well-rounded students. Get in touch with us today if you’re interested in signing up!


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