Transitioning from Year 11 into Year 12

You have now completed Year 11. Now what? You may feel overwhelmed, anxious and uncertain as you gradually transition into Year 12 – your final year of high school. It can definitely be very challenging, so below are some useful things to keep in mind as you enter into Year 12.


  • Take time off during your 2 week holiday before the first term of Year 12 starts – ideally, you should be using this 2 week holiday to clear your mind and to engage in activities that you enjoy. Try not to study to give yourself time to relax and rest as you’re probably exhausted from your prelims. This will definitely help to prevent burnout so try to avoid overworking yourself and take advantage of the holidays.


  • Keep your Year 11 notes – as tempting as it may be to throw away all your prelim notes, it’s best to keep them. Often Year 12 content expands on what you have learnt in Year 11, so your previous notes may be useful to refer back to if you ever need them. For some subjects, such as Maths, Year 11 content is also examined in the trials and HSC exams so keeping your Year 11 notes could come in handy when revising. 


  • Get organised – see what worked or didn’t work for you in Year 11 and try to modify the way you organised your notes/study equipment. If you didn’t like using exercise books in Year 11, how about switching to binders and loose leaf papers? Staying organised is super important in Year 12. Having a scheme in place for the way you organise your notes and classwork would be extremely beneficial to help you know where everything is whenever you need them.


  • Create a timetable and a schedule – having a timetable for key dates such as when assignments are due is super important to help you stay on top of your work. Year 12 can be extremely overwhelming due to the number of assessments and exams that constantly bombards you, so it is crucial to make sure that you are aware of what’s coming. 


  • Stay consistent – students often question whether the workload is any different between Year 11 and 12. For me personally, I don’t see a difference in workload – Year 12 may just seem more demanding and stressful due to the pressure associated with assessments and exams. So it’s crucial to stay on top of your work to avoid any additional stresses. It may be hard, but try to revise your notes constantly, complete classwork set for you as soon as possible and avoid leaving assignments the night before it is due. 


  • Take regular breaks – lastly, as always, it is important for you to remember to take breaks. Whilst Year 12 is very demanding, you should aim to slot in some time to rest. It is also your last year being in high school, so try to enjoy it as much as possible as it will go by super fast!

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