Tips to improve your writing

  1. Get to the point

I have noticed many students tend to drag on whatever topic they are talking about. For example, suppose you can make your writing more concise as it is usually easier to understand. Additionally, teachers notice when a student drags on unnecessarily to make a specific word count, and you may lose marks as a result. So instead, when struggling to make a specific word count (especially in high school), you probably have not done enough research on the topic. Students should give enough time for each assessment to avoid dragging on points due to lack of research.

  1. Give assessments enough time

Again, if you rush an assessment, many mistakes will occur. Most tasks in high school give you TWO WEEKS to complete. At most an inexperienced student should give AT LEAST a week to achieve an average assessment. A week will give a student enough time to research, write and edit your work. However, two weeks may allow for more time to perfect your work and ask others for advice on things you missed. Overall, rushing an assessment is the biggest mistake I have seen students make in high school. Avoid forming last-minute terrible habits as they may carry on throughout your studying career.

  1. Be specific

Another common mistake students make when writing is assuming the Teacher knows what you’re talking about. For example, “This is the most efficient experiment.” Firstly, what is THIS? Never assume the reader knows what you are talking about, even if it seems obvious. A teacher may know but we are also marking your writing skills. Using THIS can easily be fixed by just being specific and telling the audience what THIS is. So, for example, change the previous quote to “The fake experiment is the most efficient in comparison to the others tested.” The new version is easier to understand as we know the experiment.

  1. Do in depth research

As mentioned previously, doing more research allows for a deeper understanding that will show in your writing. For example, a teacher can tell when a student is pulling at straws to complete an essay on minimal research. Researching is probably the easiest but most time-consuming part in any assessment. To save time try and be specific when researching for particular topics; never enter broad statements into google or google scholar.

  1. Read

Reading is the easiest way to improve in any subject heavily relying on writing. Reading is the best way to study subjects like English as it is fun and improves your comprehension. Students will usually become influenced by a variety of book writing styles which will become apparent in their writing through time. However, I would recommend reading materials on their given topic for other subjects such as ‘The Spartans’ etc. The main reason to read history books is they are usually written in a slightly different style, and it is useful for students to become accustomed to it if they want good marks in class.

  1. Get a tutor

A tutor can assist you in fixing all the mistakes you usually make in your writing. The main reason is a tutor is used to identifying errors through years of experience by writing themselves and assisting others. Additionally, a tutor can also help improve your writing style and help with various assessments. It is always good to have someone other than yourself to look at your work as they may be able to see things you missed.

  1. Relax

Sometimes you have given an assessment all your time, but it can be beneficial to take a step back for a while and come to it again later. From experience editing right after finishing a written assessment can be overwhelming and makes it easier to miss things. So, take a break and do something you enjoy for a while so you can come back to your assessment later reenergised.



That’s all folks!

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