Time Management during the HSC

The HSC is a stressful time and at times it can feel as if you have no time to keep up with all the work you are expected to complete. To combat this, it is important to plan your time wisely to prevent overworking yourself and amplifying stress levels. It is important to remember that taking time away from the HSC every now and then to refresh your mind is vital. Some strategies that I personally utilised during the HSC to manage my time that you may decide to also use included:


  • Starting study with subjects you feel the LEAST confident with and saving the subjects you are most confident about for last. This will help you focus your attention on increasing marks in subjects you are struggling with rather than studying for subjects that you are already doing well in. 


  • Have a couple set times per week which are dedicated to time with friends, family or yourself, with nothing related to the HSC. This will keep your mind clear and avoid stress which may arise from over studying 


  • Whilst it may seem that long study sessions may be the way to pump through heaps of content in a couple days,it is important to take short regular breaks during study sessions as our attention span decreases rapidly over time. Try having 1 hour study blocks with 10 min breaks in between – in these breaks do something active such as going out for a quick walk or even just walk around your room. 


  • Avoid cramming during exam blocks. To ensure this, make sure you set clear goals to complete notes and summaries each week. This will not only reduce exam stress but also make you feel on top of your work, allowing you to focus on doing past papers during your exam period rather than catching up on notes. 


All in all, the HSC is an especially stressful year for many students and I completely understand that at times it feels like you have to be studying 24/7. Yet, by managing your time effectively, you can reduce stress levels and keep on top of your work!


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