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Best Online resources for students

Grammarly Applications like Grammarly help students when they don’t have a peer to review their work or are running short on time to edit. However, it is essential to not depend on the app as it is prone to errors if misused (more commonly when not paying attention). World history encyclopaedia This website has many valuable […]

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Tips to stop procrastinating

I know, sometimes starting that one paper can be such a chore especially when you’ve got more interesting things going on… Like cleaning your desk for the tenth time or perhaps watching the latest show. However, procrastinating will only lead to feelings of anxiety and doom hovering over your head all day until the time […]

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How to Ace your HSC Visual Arts Major Work!

With your visual arts major work being worth 50% of your HSC exam mark, you are going to want to ace it! It is the section you work on for the whole year and thus, is something you can prep. So, by acing this section, you will be 50% of the way there to get […]

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