Reasons to choose and to not choose Maths Extension 2

If you are currently in Year 11 and studying both Advanced and Extension 1 maths, upon transitioning into year 12, you have the option to pick up one extra unit – Extension 2 Maths! Whilst this is a very challenging unit to pick up, to decide whether you think it is worth picking up here are some reasons for and against Extension 2 Maths


Something to consider if you enjoy maths and have been performing well in it is picking up Extension 2 in year 12. It is worth considering as it scales very highly and can give you a decent ATAR boost, provided you perform reasonably decently (for a course with such high difficulty, it’s going to be very difficult to get a raw mark of let’s say greater than 90, so do the best you can and even if you end up with a 60, remember that ext 2 scales up A LOT!)


Think about your future plans, and determine if you think Extension 2 could come in handy and give you a head start in your future endeavours. If so, maybe consider picking it up and seeing how you like it! Remember you can always drop it if it doesn’t interest you or if you don’t think you can manage the workload – just make sure you have extra units as backup!


If you do not enjoy maths and are considering Extension 2 purely for its ability to scale highly, reconsider your decision as it has a high workload and requires a significant level of commitment. If you are unsure, you can always just pick it up temporarily to see how you feel about it.


One other benefit that I found whilst doing the Extension 2 course is that it helped me better understand the Extension 1 course – a few of the topics are interlinked but I think what helped me most was that since we went into so much detail on so many mathematical topics, it demonstrated to me the underlying reasons and workings of maths in general. Extension 2 really helped me make links between topics and recognise how to approach and solve different problems. 


One thing to consider for extension 2 as well, is that when you pick it up, you no longer have to sit any Advanced exams and any marks that you do get for advanced no longer matter – essentially the “4 units” is split so that 2 units are assigned to Ext 1 and the remaining 2 to Ext 2.


To conclude, there are many reasons you should choose or should not choose extension 2 maths – weigh up your personal positives and negatives before you decide whether to continue on it or not!

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