Our Team

Meerae Mulla – Founder 

Meerae is the founder at FCT. She started FCT in 2019 after graduating with the aim to build an amazing team of mentors to help students during the HSC cope with not only their academics, but the social aspect as well.
“I’ve always found that I lead in education because of my passion. Despite being told that “I’d never amount to anything” during High School by my math teachers, I scored a band 6 in Mathematics Advanced at 16 years old. I then pursued 4 units of English, Extension 1 Maths, Legal Studies and Economics in year 12, scoring an ATAR of 96. I now study Commerce at the University of Sydney as a Dalyell Scholar and a Clissold Scholarship. I don’t believe that we ever stop learning, and FCT is here to foster that environment and assist our students to create wholistic members of the global community!”
Haiwad Rashtia

Haiwad Rashtia – Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Tutor

Meet Haiwad, he is currently studying a double degree at the University of Sydney – a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine as a Dalyell Scholar and on a Sydney Chancellor’s Award/Scholarship.
“We understand that the HSC is a stressful time – perhaps even the most stressful time you have experienced up until that point. But our job, our role, is to make that easier for you. To go beyond mere educational instruction in a 2-hour lesson – to provide mentorship, direction and goals for you not just through the HSC, but into university.
You do not just become a student, but you also become a member of our community, the FCT community!”

Fady Farid – English & PDHPE Tutor

Fady recently graduated as a part of the class of 2020 at Parramatta Marist High School with an ATAR of 96.55, whereby he was fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to study Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney in 2021.  
“I intend to change, to show you the beauty of English, as this is the crux behind many students loathing for the subject.
As an individual who has experienced the ambiguousness and uncertainty of the new syllabus I understand the apprehension you may face as you begin your HSC journey but have no fear, help is always near. Here at FCT, I am not only your tutor but a companion, a friend and a guide who is with you every step of the way. I may be teaching you how to perfect your essay structure or adjusting your vocabulary to better suit a certain text but through it all, I’m here to support and strengthen you throughout this challenging year. I hope that in the future I will be honoured enough to assist you!”

Anish Patel – Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics Tutor

Anish graduated from Girraween High School in 2020 with an ATAR of 98.1, he also achieved 95th percentile in UCAT. He is currently studying Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine at the University of Queensland.

“Tutoring is something I am really passionate about and because of this passion I am able to put all my effort in trying to help my students with their studies. I also try to help my students manage and balance their life with an appropriate mix of studying and leisure. As a tutor I prefer to instil learning through practice and application of skills especially in maths and physics, as compared to memorising information. I also found this approach much more beneficial for my exams. Classes can range from students receiving help for questions and assignments they have to doing questions from multiple sources.”

Ella Thomas – Junior & Senior Maths & English Tutor 

Ella graduated from Mackellar Girls Campus in 2020 and is currently studying International and Political relations with a major in English at Sydney University. She achieved an ATAR of 95 and ranked 2nd overall in Advanced English.

“I am highly confident with the assigned course work for both junior and senior maths and english and have knowledge in all areas of both subjects. This includes the rubric and syllabus as well as skills and techniques necessary in both subjects respectively. Having recently sat my HSC in 2020 I have a thorough understanding of how the HSC works and the requirements to achieve top marks. I am able to assist with students of all abilities and can help you improve and maintain high marks in order to achieve your desired ATAR. My tutoring style involves building a strong connection with students and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship. I work hard to understand specific areas of difficulty in order to determine the best possible explanation for an idea or concept. I believe every individual has the capacity to achieve top marks in the HSC and see my role as a guide to students in maximising their marks. In my time as tutor I have assisted numerous students and enabled them to achieve their personal best in their respective subjects.”

Eliza Martin

Eliza Martin – Junior Maths & English Tutor

Eliza is the Years 7-8 Maths and English tutor here at FCT! She received an ATAR of 97.85 and HSC marks of 97 and 94 for Advanced Maths and Advanced English respectively and is now studying a Bachelor of Philosophy (Science) at ANU.

“My tutoring style involves lots of discussion and explanations for the big concepts we cover, because I value understanding much higher than memorisation. Memorising the periodic table really won’t help you in your science exams, but understanding how particles change states from solid to liquid will definitely help you! I spend lots of time answering questions from my students, and making sure they understand the content we are learning, as well as doing lots of practice questions to really solidify that understanding. I prepare booklets for each student that include explanations and example questions, so that they can revise the material after our session if needed. I am a fun and approachable person who loves to meet new people, so I try to make each lesson highly enjoyable for every student.”

Melody Zhang – Maths Tutor 

Melody graduated from James Ruse Agricultural High school in 2020. She scored 99 for both Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2 and achieved an ATAR of 99.4. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies with Professional Practice (Honours) at Macquarie University.

“Sure, maths can be challenging at times, but that’s why I love teaching it so much. It makes every question solved, every concept learnt, that much more rewarding! I hope you’ll let me show you not just the logic behind all those maths equations, but the beauty behind all those numbers Your HSC year is likely to be one of the hardest years of your life, but it is the journey that makes the destination worth it.  At FCT, you get more than just a teacher, you get a friend. While it might seem childish, this advice is invaluable in not just HSC but also life. Anyways that’s it from me – looking forward to helping you out in a future lesson!”

Kim Huang – Maths & Biology Tutor