Online Vs In-Person Tutoring: Which is Better?

Often, when parents find out that we perform our services online only, they tend to become doubtful about the way we conduct our services. Online tuition is definitely new, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, it became the norm this year. Despite this, it was our plan to stay online either way.

The increase in technology means that students can receive world-class education from the comfort of their own home. While both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, parents seem to dismiss the idea of online tutoring very quickly.

If teenagers spend more than half their day online, why not integrate learning into it? Allow our HSC students to spend their time learning online, and they will enjoy it more!

Here, we give you 10 reasons why online tutoring is clearly better than in-person tutoring. Let’s explore them!

1. Not Limited by Location

Whether you live in metro or regional NSW, you get access to the same amazing quality and state ranking tutors. Online tutoring gives universal access to high quality tuition. You are no longer limited by those who achieved well in your area, rather you can get access to tutors that can teach the new syllabus and achieve proven results even though they may live hours away from you (or even in another state).

The standard of tutoring is much higher online than it is in-person as a result of access to a higher range of tutors who are suited to a variety of different students and learning requirements. You no longer need to be limited to the handful of tutors that live in your area and achieved well in their HSC, as there’s less of a guarantee that they will be a good fit with your child.

2. Easy Access to Resources

Tutors can easily share resources as soon as they receive the request from the student, which means that your child doesn’t have to wait until the next lesson to receive new resources and questions. Students can easily access more resources online and send them to their tutor to receive answers and feedback as soon as possible without having to wait until the next week to check their answers and receive feedback.

At First Choice Tutoring, students can easily contact their tutors for extra resources and assistance, they can even schedule additional one to one feedback sessions with their tutors to explain answers to certain questions.

3. Easy Access to Tutor

Meeting new people in-person is tough, and can be a source of additional stress for some students. It may also take weeks for students to get comfortable with their in-person tutor as they only meet with them an hour a week. When online, this barrier is broken and students find it easier to get along with their tutors as they are not meeting in person. It also helps that they can access their tutor throughout the week for help, rather than once a week.

This allows them to develop bonds that we saw in our 2020 year 12 class where students became close friends with their tutors and were able to discuss things that did not only include academics, like advice for University and scholarships.

4. More Flexible

Online tutoring works on the time of the student, it is made to be accessed when the student needs. This allows them to reap the benefits to a program that is designed for them. This means that they can reach their tutors 24/7 and receive help anytime of the day whether it is for a math question or an essay draft.

Students can change the times of their lessons if they have other commitments that come up or access the recordings for those lessons to watch in their own time which helps towards assignment period where students may need to refresh their knowledge of certain content

5. Integrates with Learning Platforms

Online tutoring is integrated with several other programs that help to assist student learning. Students can access recordings, resources, lesson booklets and extra questions on our learning platform and even join a voice chat room throughout the week to chat with their tutor if they are confused on a question or topic and would like a quick recap.

This provides a plethora of benefits that would not be available with in-person tuition.

6. Saves Time

Online tutoring saves both our students and tutors time as they do not have to travel to a mutual meeting place like the library or their tutor’s place. This means that students can use that time to study or get some well-deserved break time. Online tutoring allows students to manage their precious time more effectively throughout the year as it is not wasted on trivial things like travel.

7. Increases Productivity

As there is no travel time, students can easily resume studying right after their lessons and not break their ‘study mood’, utilising their time for the better. In 2020 our students reported increased productivity because they were able to continue the work they had just learnt in their lessons immediately after. Our students get individualised and personalised attention because it is easier to plan and organise online lessons. This allows them to clarify their doubts without the fear of being embarrassed for asking questions.

This means that the content that they learn sticks with them for longer than in-person tutoring as they can immediately put it into practice which assists them for long-term learning and ensuring they understand the content for the HSC. This will lead to better performance in class and during assessment period.

8. Reduced Travelling Costs

In-person tuition requires students to travel to a tutoring centre after school to take extra lessons. While we discussed the time factor of this issue, it also adds the expense of travel. The lack of travel makes online tutoring cheaper than its counterpart as students can seek assistance from the comfort of their home.

9. Easy to Shift Learning Methods

Tutors can easily shift their teaching methods to suit all types of students and ensure that a deep understanding is reached due to the flexibility of online learning. At First Choice Tutoring, we have assisted students with disabilities as well as students that learn in different ways to others, like visual learners.

10. Includes the Same Benefits of In-Person Tutoring

Online tutoring provides a very similar environment to most students, if not better. Online tutoring gives students assistance that cannot be accessed through in-person tuition. Like private tutoring, our tutors can share screens and work together with their students to solve a variety of problems. Students can easily ask questions because the bond formed through online tutoring is different than in-person tuition because of the safe and judgement free learning environment that arises from First Choice Tutoring learning.

The plethora of tools that are available to online tutoring like online whiteboards, voice chat and file sharing allows us to keep students engaged by changing our teaching methods to suit every type of student that joins our online classrooms. The right tutor makes a big difference in any students HSC, and online tuition allows them to get access to tutors who absolutely smashed the HSC New Syllabus. At First Choice Tutoring, we work to ensure that our students not only ace their assignments, but are improving gradually to ace their final HSC exams and prepare them for the shift to University!

Still not convinced?

Book a FREE assessment with our founder here to discuss how we can help you or your child assist their goals through online tutoring and receive a week free to trial any of our group classes!

First Choice Tutoring is an online-only tuition program that is specialised in the new syllabus with programs developed by HSC State Rankers.

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    Mirjana 31 January 2021 @ 8:53 am

    We would like to try on line 1-1 English advance year 11.We would like help with curriculum and essays ( one hour per week)
    We like recorded session to be sent after lesson so my son can review
    As mentioned on massage and you confirmed Wednesday 7-8 pm

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