Online Learning Tips for Year 7

With the first two weeks of online learning nearly done, we hope you have been able to settle into a steady routine. For those of you who may have struggled with the move to online learning, this blog post is for you! Today we will go through a few key tips so that you can maximise your learning and enjoyment for however long this lockdown lasts for!


  1. Wake up early, but make the most of the sleep ins! This might sound contradictory, but the goal is to wake up with enough time to get ready without rushing, but to enjoy the rare opportunity of a sleep in! We recommend that you wake up 45mins before your first class starts so that you have plenty of time to have breakfast, get changed and prepare for the day.
  2. Get your work done during class time! While it may be easy to log onto your zoom, get your attendance marked and then play on your phone or laptop until the next class starts, it is best if you can get your work done during the allocated time. That way, when your final class of the day is finished, you can have several hours of relaxing time, go for a walk outside or play some games with your family or friends online. 
  3. Ask for help if the workload becomes too much. Everyone has a different experience with online learning, and for some people it becomes overwhelming. If this is happening to you, don’t worry! You’re definitely not alone. Your best resource is your teachers, so if you are struggling to get things done on time, or there is a big concept that you are struggling with, don’t be afraid to email them or request a private zoom meeting to discuss your concerns. If you let these issues build up, over time they will become too much to handle, and you will struggle even more when we do go back to in person classes. 
  4. Stay connected with your friends! Each day, aim to reach out to two people who you haven’t spoken to in a while. This is a great opportunity to strengthen your friendships with other people in your class, and to ensure that your friends are managing with online learning. A great app to download is called GamePigeon, and it allows you to play over 20 different games over iMessages! This is a great way to stay connected with your friends and have fun too. But make sure you are only doing this after school hours…


Hopefully we won’t be doing online learning for too much longer, but if we are, you can use these tips to help enhance your learning and enjoyment during this difficult time. As always, if you have any concerns or questions, feel free to message your tutor and they can help you out. If you would like some extra help over the next few weeks, get in touch with FCT and find out how we can help you. 

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