One week before HSC Exams begin – What should I do?

As the year moves forward, the time left before the final HSC exams decreases. You may feel as if you have already done so much preparation and have gone over the same content over and over again. At some point you may feel burnt out and lack motivation to keep studying until the exam since it is eering so close. Whilst it is important not to lack motivation in regards to revision, it is also of uttermost importance to take time off to recharge. Stress and burnout is the ultimate at this crucial stage of Year 12 and so it is important you know how to manage these effectively to maximise your final exam results, This is especially important when it comes to the weeks following up to the HSC. Some tips to consider are:


  • Regulate your sleep schedule! Whether you wake up really early or late in the afternoon, it is absolutely vital that you regulate your sleep schedule so you dont wake up tired before your exam – especially since your exams are usually 3 hours long!
  • PAST PAPERS. PAST PAPERS. Personally, I believe that the weeks leading up towards any exam are the most beneficial periods of time to start doing timed practice and past papers. These papers put the work you have learnt and memorised into action, helping you synthesise your knowledge together
  • The week before, try not to stress too much! Stress will negatively affect not only your mood but also your physical state, making yourself anxious and less capable of performing well. Try to relax as much as you can. Remember – you have been learning and revising your year 12 content for well over a year now so the knowledge is in your brain! 
  • Take some time to detox after every HSC exam! 3 hours of fully focused writing and sitting can definitely be exhausting and so make sure to take a break and relax – don’t beat yourself over any errors you think you may have made. What’s done is done so remind yourself that you gave it your all and that’s all that matters
  • Don’t cram masses of content before an exam. This content is highly unlikely to stick in your head and it will only stress you out more. Ensure you have covered all major topics and closer to the HSC date, look more at refining your current knowledge base rather than cramming masses of knowledge in a short period of time.


All in all, the last weeks leading up to the HSC are stressful to say the least. The most important thing is to trust yourself and the preparation you have done so far!


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