Last Minute Preparation for 3U Maths: What’s the Best Thing to be Doing?

The HSC Mathematics Extension 1 exam is tomorrow and I’m sure there will be lots of last-minute study. Therefore, it is important to make the use of this time as valuable as possible. One way to ensure this is to look over the Mathematics 2U exam from earlier this week. NESA have only just released this, and considering that new syllabus content is hard to come by, this is a crucially important resource.

Extension 1 usually has a few questions falling under the ‘Harder 2U’ topic, which historically form the hardest question(s) on the paper. If you are one of the students who did the Extension 2 exam, have a look through the question list I have put below to just make sure you’re on track with your study. If you sat through the 2U paper, have another go at some of these questions now that you are out of the exam room and not under any pressure. You might surprise yourself…

Some foundational questions for the 3U exam may be:

  • MC 10
  • Q17
  • Q18
  • Q22
  • Q29
  • Q30
  • Q31

Solutions have not been released yet so there will be no way of objectively marking yourself, but getting a feel for these types of questions will be good practice for tomorrow.

The best of luck to all of the Extension 1 students for their exam tomorrow, as well as the best of luck to all students in all their remaining exams!!

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