How to tackle Multiple Choice Questions in Exams

Multiple choice questions often focus broadly on many topics you have learnt. It examines your ability to recognise, recall and understand key facts. Below are some helpful tips to keep in mind to help you ace your multiple choice section during exams.

1. Read the entire question and options carefully.

Before you attempt to answer the question, make sure you understand what the question is asking. In your head, you should already know the correct answer without looking at the multiple choice options. Thinking through this yourself will also help you to make a more accurate choice. However, you still consider ALL options carefully before picking the answer that mostly aligns with what you thought of initially.

2. Use the process of elimination

As aforementioned, you need to consider ALL options and read through each one cautiously. Often, there are always one or two options that are completely wrong. This is where you use the process of elimination to cross out the options that you definitely know are not correct. 

3. Read the remaining options carefully and go with your instinct.

Some multiple choice questions often have two options that may be very similar. You should pay attention to the language and key words used to pick the answer that you think is most appropriate – most of the time, your instinct will be correct. If you know that more than one option is correct, picking the ‘all of the above’ option may be a good idea.

4. Don’t change your original answer. 

Again, stick to your instinct – often, this is the correct answer. Don’t overthink and read too much into the question as this may overwhelm you. Try not to change your answer unless you know that it is definitely incorrect or if you have recalled another fact. 

5. Answer all questions even if you don’t know the correct answer. 

For multiple choice questions, there is a 25% chance that you will get a mark for answering it (if there are four options). It’s better to guess an answer rather than being left with a 0% chance of getting a mark.

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