How to Stay Organised

Staying organised and systematic during high school can be challenging. It is so critical for you to develop and refine organisational skills to ensure that you can study effectively and maximise your learning. Below are some simple tips to keep in mind to help you to stay organised. 

  • Create a timetable and schedule – creating a timetable is a very well-known tool to help you to stay organised. If you prefer keeping important dates and events electronically, perhaps a digital calendar (eg. google calendar) may be suitable for you. If you like to manually hand write and keep a hardcopy version, you could consider having a notebook planner. Remember to choose the method which works for you personally (and one that you will stick to!)


  • Having to do lists – try to think of your top priorities and write these down in a do to list. Try not to write a super long list as this will overwhelm you and can result in procrastination. Limiting your to-do list to a couple of tasks or activities per day or week (about 2-3) would help you remain more productive.


  • Declutter – clean up your workspace and try to remove items that are distracting or unnecessary. Additionally, you should try to organise your belongings (eg. pens, notebooks, folders, textbooks) in a way which is easily accessible. You should be aware of where everything is so that when you need them, it should be relatively quick for you to search and find what you need. I recommend having a binder and notebook for each subject so that you can keep your school worksheets and personal study resources for that specific subject all together in one place.


  • Establish a routine – try to keep your daily study routine consistent. It takes time and practice to develop effective study habits. If you are a morning person, waking up early to study could be a good idea. Avoid over-studying and be realistic. Remind yourself to take regular breaks.

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