How To Prep For Year 12 In Year 11:

In year 11, the impending sense of the HSC can be incredibly stressful and daunting. As you
experience your first taste of senior highschool and the myriad of responsibilities that come
with it, navigating this period with the HSC looming, can be extremely difficult. Although t is
known that year 11 results do not count toward year 12, it is important to use this time

1. Good study habits
Perhaps the most useful and effective use of your time is to get into a study routine that
works for YOU. Use this period as trial and error; learn how and where you study best and
the  conditions that you require to reach your maximum potential. This doesn't have to be a
boring task. Each week try a new method of studying whether it be palm cards, reading
notes, teaching content to others, getting a parent to test you or a combination of all of the
above. Learning what your learning style is can also be discovered online via a quiz
( In
addition to this, maintaining a consistent routine with your studies and continuing these
habits will considerably assist in your studies during year 12. The most common issue for
students during this period is a lack of motivation to study constantly throughout the year.
This can easily be eliminated by establishing study habits in year 11 which will carry through
to year 12.

1. Avoiding burn out
‘Burnout’ is another term which may be frequently said by your peers. Many claim that
studying as though you would in the HSC in year 11 will lead to burn out. However, good
study habits and routines are only truly effective if they allow room for breaks, leisure time
and other extra circulars. Studying, whether in junior or senior school, should never take
priority over your life. Instead, it should be integrated with your normal activities to ensure
balance. In following from point 1, the habits and routines that you establish should not only
coexist with your other pursuits but also be conducted in ways that are fun and unique to
you. Visual learners, for example, may enjoy drawing maps and diagrams to learn content.
Burnout only occurs when study takes over one's life and can easily be avoided through an
effective balance of study. Although year 11 should not be treated completely equally to year
12, a fear of burnout should not stop students from achieving their maximum potential in
exams. Aim for your personal best whether it counts or not and allow this same
determination and effective study to carry through to year 12.

1. Learn content
Year 11 is not completely separate from year 12. There are many important concepts and
ideas which are necessary to understand in order to achieve top marks in year 12. From my
experience in advanced maths, many concepts taught in year 11 were integral to my
understanding of year 12 maths and some were even included in the HSC examination.
Even if this information is not explicitly necessary, the skills learnt in year 11 are inherently
linked to the outcomes in year 12. For example, Advanced English in year 11 includes the
Reading to Write module which is linked to the Craft of Writing in year 12. Utilising the
techniques and methods learnt in year 11 is designed to significantly assist students in
formulating sophisticated and refined pieces of writing.
The looming pressures of the HSC can lead students to feel lost and unsure of how to use
year 11 effectively. Hopefully the above tips will assist you in navigating this tricky period.

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