How to keep a work life balance during the HSC

Yes, the HSC is stressful, but you do not want it to prevent you from taking extracurricular activities, from doing things that you love, or from working. The key to being able to maintain the things that you enjoy doing while completing your HSC is achieving a work life balance. Now, how does one do this? Below are a few tips to achieving a good work life balance during your HSC!  


Tip 1: Stay organised 

Staying organised is one of the most important aspects of your year 12 experience. Whether you have a bunch of extracurricular activities and work, or whether you are just focusing on study – organisation is key to success in year 12. A lot of people may have already mentioned this to you, but what exactly do we mean by staying organised? 


Well, staying organised involves staying up to date with your content, revising what you learn each week so that you are storing information in a manner that is more long term, ensuring that you take note of exam and assessment information and work towards improving areas in which you find content difficult. 


Staying organised can be difficult, and can often link greatly with how motivated you are, so ensure that you are setting yourself time to relax, and take in information in a manner that doesn’t stress you out, so that in turn, you feel as though you are on top of things and remain motivated. 


Tip 2: Stay on top of important dates 

Imagine that you realise you have an assignment due the night before the due date! That would be pretty horrible – wouldn’t it?? Often, there is the occasional due date that slips your mind or gets mixed up with a different deadline, leaving you in a space of great stress and often – lack of motivation. 


To avoid this type of unnecessary emotional damage, it is a great idea to have a notebook that you keep track of everything that you need to complete and all the due dates for your assignments, or perhaps a small whiteboard to have in your study room so that all the things that your brain needs to remember is always there within the blink of an eye. 


This process of keeping up to date with everything that may be going on in your life helps you feel on top of things and thus improve your motivation and your performance!


Tip 3: Do things you love to do 

In terms of filling up your schedule with extracurricular activities such as work or volunteering, try to choose activities that you enjoy and that you love to do! By doing this, you are able to increase your motivation in many of the activities that you partake in and are able to find time to relax in such activities you enjoy doing. Perhaps you want to take up oztag as an extracurricular activity – this time will help you sort out the things that you learn, will help you get physical exercise and will give you a break from the hussle of school life. 


Tip 4: Schedule in breaks

Ensure that you are not only scheduling time to work, do activities and study, but also make sure you are scheduling breaks that allow your brain to rejuvenate and process the information that you are taking in. It is important that you give yourself enough time to do things that are fun and that you love – spending time with your family, going to the movies with your friends, or just going for a walk. These breaks should be spread during your day, with 30min-1hour blocks on work days. Setting aside a ‘refresh’ day where you don’t do any work is also a great way you are maintaining a nice balance in your life. 


Tip 5: Don’t overwhelm yourself  

In saying that you should be active in your year 12 year – doing extracurriculars and working if you want to – ensure that it is not too much on you. In the end, your study is a very – if not first – priority, and you should make sure that your activities are not overwhelming you and interfering with the quality of time spent on study.


And that’s that! We hope that your highschool experience is a smooth one, and is fulfilling in all aspects of your life!

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