How to find an idea for your HSC Visual Arts Major Work

If you are struggling to find inspiration for your HSC Visual Arts Major work then you have come to the right place! Below is a comprehensive list of things you can do, which aims to help you find some ideas for your major work! 


Read: Read just about anything. Whether you enjoy physics, history, politics, or fiction, choose a topic that really sparks interest in you, and read a whole lot of material on it. Art pretty much connects to anything, so reading what interests you will not only inspire you, but give your work idea a unique spin. 


Be aware of your world: Art does not exist in a vacuum. Watch the news! This not only helps you be an informed citizen of your society, but allows you to be more aware of your world which can give you inspo for your major work. By being aware of your world, you can make works in response to it, or inspired by it. Whether it be the latest fashion trend, political turmoil or a worldwide pandemic, being socially aware can really help in the long run to spark new ideas and concepts for your major work. 


Experiment: Experiment with different mediums, styles and forms, and start brainstorming some possible ideas for your major work. Spend a great deal of time trying new things, and developing your skill set in your particular chosen area. Experimentation not only allows you to stay creative, but it can help you come up with unique and interesting concepts for your major work. 


Use mind maps: Mind maps are a great way of spilling the contents of your brain onto a page, and then sorting them out to produce a clear and cohesive idea. Perhaps you have a million different ideas swirling around in your head, but once they are written down, you realise you only really like one of them. Mind maps can help declutter your brain, and set you up to finding the perfect idea for your major work. 


Look at art: Surround yourself with art, whether this be going to galleries or following art pages on social media. Looking at art not only helps you greatly for section one, but can be great in sparking new ideas in you, or sparking your creativity when you see a unique art style. Note that this is not to say you can copy anybody’s art, plagiarism is a real issue, and you must ensure that you are not stealing an artist’s intellectual property, however, using art as inspiration to fire up your own creative juices is not a problem. 


Go outside your comfort zone and be creative: Don’t be afraid to try new things. New ideas and concepts come from experimenting and stepping out of your comfort zone, not by bottling your creativity into a strict pattern. 


Don’t stress: Now, if you still find that you can’t come up with a fully formed idea, but have a sort of gist of what you want to do, do not panic or stress! Use the ‘gist’ that you have, and just make a lot of work based around that, trust the process (something my art teacher always told me) and it should all turn out well in the end as long as you put in the effort. 


Refer to your process diary: If you have been using your process diary properly, it should be a goldmine of ideas and experiments, all of which can help you in times where you are stuck, so relook through that and see if you can find anything interesting in it!


Please note that this advice has come from my personal experience being an art student, and from advice I received during my HSC year. By no means is this individualised advice, and I cannot guarantee that it will work for you. 


Well, I hope this has given you the tools for you to smash out your visual arts major work! If you need any guidance or support, feel free to give our trial lesson a go, and see if First Choice Tutoring can help you on your Visual Arts journey. 

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