How should I choose HSC subjects

Choosing HSC subjects can be difficult. Yet, making the right decision and choosing the right subjects and right number of subjects can make a significant difference in how you perform in Year 12. Here are some tips to consider when choosing subjects:


  • Choose subjects you enjoy. Whether you are an artsy or science-minded person for example, it is important to actually choose subjects you enjoy. Not only will this make your final year of high school more fun but it will make you more motivated to study, helping you retain more knowledge and perform better in exams and assessments

  • Choose subjects that would be helpful for your future career. Think about what your plans are for after high school and if any Year 12 subjects would help you with your future. For example, if you are intending to study medicine, it may be a good idea to study subjects along the lines of biology and chemistry.

  • Decide how many units you are able to manage. When calculating the ATAR, the best 10 units of your study are included in the calculation of your final mark. This means the minimum number of units you are required to take is 10. Many people choose to take 12 or 11 units so that they have “backup” units, meaning that if they perform poorly in a certain subject, then that subject wont be included in the ATAR calculation process

  • Consider scaling. One factor that plays quite a big role in your final ATAR is scaling and whilst some people say it does not influence your marks too much, in reality it can make a significant influence on your ATAR. Basically what scaling is, is depending on the difficulty of your subject, your raw marks get moderated either higher or lower. For example, a subject like Extension 2 Maths is going to scale far higher than Visual Arts due to its high level of difficulty.

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