How is Online Tutoring Different to Online School?

After lockdowns in both 2020 and 2021, all students seem to hate the idea of studying and learning online. Believe me, I get it, I’ve spent the last two years of my Commerce degree learning through zoom. Yet, I absolutely love teaching students online and learning from my fellow colleagues through online training and development sessions. I’ve come to realise that online school and online tutoring, while they seem similar, are completely different experiences. So put aside whatever negative feelings you may have for online school, and let me tell you some of the ways online tutoring is different.

#1 – Your tutor is young, and has been trained to use all the technological systems

There are very little technological issues that our tutors haven’t faced and hence know how to resolve. Lessons happen when they’re scheduled with little to no technical difficulties. Your tutor is also close to your age, so it is easier to connect with them and find mutual interests beyond what they’re teaching! This allows you to make an amazing connection with your tutor that is impossible to make with your teachers.

#2 – Lessons are collaborative and you choose what you’re learning and how you learn it

Our tutors plan your lessons around what you want to learn and how you want to learn it. This gives you complete control over your lessons, your tutor will plan and organise teaching material based on exactly what you tell them to prepare it on. You can also decide if you want homework after the lesson or if you want to keep work within your lesson. This creates a completely different environment to that of which you’d see in classes at school where you have little to no control of your lessons and what occurs during them. Our tutors are trained to be able to balance the curriculum as well as your needs, preparing lessons that address everything you need to know before your exams.

#3 – Online tutoring is more flexible and accommodates more specifically to your needs

All your lessons occur exactly when you want them, which means you can work lessons around your study schedule rather than following a timetable and schedule that is predetermined for you. The one on one nature of online tutoring also allows the lessons to be suited to your needs, rather than following a schedule that is created and designed without you specifically in mind. This means that lessons are more enjoyable, and you can actually look forward to your lessons rather than dreading them.

#4 – You’re always in touch with your tutor (24/7 contact!)

Tutors send progress reports after each lesson, as well as upload the lesson recordings for you to access anytime you want. Your tutor will also send you emails whenever there are updates and you are able to email and send them messages anytime you have any questions or need any resources. This also applies to homework help, we’ve helped students at all times of the day, even at 1am in the morning!


If you’re still unsure about online tutoring, feel free to send us an email, DM or book a trial lesson with me!

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