How does the program work?

The FCT program was designed by students in 2019 after studying the new syllabus. Through her inability to find good tutors in her HSC year, our founder realised that she must create a company that provides everything she would have wanted in a tutor for future students.

FCT offers tuition in three ways; Individual one-on-one lessons, Group lessons and Pay as you go lessons. All our lessons are online and are grouped into a 10 week period for each topic (making a whole year 40 weeks).

No matter how you wish to learn. FCT is here to assist you in the best way possible for your HSC journey.

What's included in the price?

For individual and group lessons, you get access to our online learning platform, our discord server for extra support, lesson recordings, booklets for each topic, trial papers as well as extra questions, assessment help within your lessons and so much more!

Group students can also book extra individual lessons with their tutors for a reduced rate if they need extra help leading up to exams and assignments!

Pay as you go students are able to still contact their tutor 24/7 and get majority of the benefits like our normal students, however, they may have a different learning method based on how many lessons they were interested in. If you’re unsure about this method of learning, contact us!

What type of student is good for the FCT program?

The FCT program has been designed to provide assistance to any student currently sitting or about to sit the HSC. We have worked closely to ensure that our benefits will benefit both students looking to improve, and students looking to accelerate.

Whether you are looking to excel and get ahead of your peers, or want to improve your marks, as long as you come with a can-do attitude, the FCT program will work for you!

What differentiates FCT from other tutoring centres?

The FCT program offers a complete HSC support system to assist students throughout the year, this includes with issues that may not be HSC-related like time and stress management and applying to University.

As the program was designed by recent graduates, we understand the stress and emotional turmoil associated with the HSC, and know how to deal with it and assist our students as well.

As our lessons occur online, we do not break our students ‘study grind’, as soon as the lesson is over they can resume studying and not be distracted or waste time with travel. It also provides less stress for parents as they do not have to worry about taking their children to centres that may be far away.

This also allows our students and tutors to remain connected despite living far away from each other. In 2020, our furthest student was over 5 hours away from their tutor.

How do I know if the program is beneficial to my child?

We are more than happy to discuss your child’s progress with you and what we can do to make his/her experience better!

You can book an appointment with our founder here where you can discuss any issues or doubts and how to remedy them to ensure your child is gaining all possible benefits from the program!


I'd like to join - how do I do that?

Awesome! We can’t wait to have you be a part of the family. Click here to enrol.

If you have any further questions about enrolling, feel free to contact us!

Do I have to commit to the program straight away? Is there a trial?

Definitely! You can book a trial lesson & assessment with our founder here.

In this 30min session, she will meet with you (and possibly your parents) to discuss learning goals and how FCT can help you achieve these goals.

Once you sign up, you also get a 2 week period where you can cancel at anytime. Unhappy with your service? That’s fine, just email with your name, subjects and reason for cancelling and you won’t be billed again.


What happens if I can't make a class?

No problem! We totally understand that sometimes things might get in the way of you being able to come to class.

This is precisely why we love online tutoring, the lesson recording will be uploaded shortly after the class for you to watch in your own time so you won’t miss a thing!

How many students are in each class?

Class sizes can range from 2-12, but ultimately depends on the subject and its popularity.

We aim to keep classes as small as possible as it allows for more interactive lessons between our mentors and mentees.

How is the syllabus taught? Will you be ahead or behind my school?

As all schools tackle content differently, we cannot guarantee that we will be covering content at the exact same time as your school. We follow the curriculum in an order that makes the most sense to students so usually we are aligned with most schools, if not slightly ahead.

This is no issue though as class time can serve as integral revision time and you can always rewatch the lessons during the term if you need any help. If you need specific assignment help, you can always book extra individual lessons at a lower cost with your tutor.

Do you focus on texts for English?

Our tutors are well-versed in the English Syllabus and most prescribed texts, during the term there will be designated times where your tutor will group those who study the same text together and assist you with your text. Most of the time, English lessons are skills and rubric based to help you gain a better understanding of the content to link to your own text.

If you feel you need more text-specific help, you can always book an extra individual session for a lower cost than the individual students to assist your learning!

How long do classes run?

Classes run for 2 hours each week at the same designated time. However, you can always contact your tutors for extra help whenever you need it!

Do you assign homework?

No! We believe the HSC is stressful enough without extra stress imposed on you from us.

While your tutors may assign extra work and questions, doing them is completely optional and at the discretion of the student.

How do I schedule extra individual sessions with my tutor?

If you need extra help, just email with your name and subject and our enrolment team will organise a time that suits you and your tutor best.

You can even schedule lessons for classes you are not enrolled into group classes for!

Can I add/remove a subject?

Definitely, just email with your name and subject you would like to add/remove. Our friendly enrolment team will get back to you with how to proceed!


How is this option different to group lessons?

Individual sessions occur weekly for a set amount of hours that is determined by the student, hence, you are guaranteed a set meeting time every week. In 2020, we had a student that met with their tutor for 4 hours a week.

If you cannot make a lesson, it will be rescheduled to suit your needs.

This option helps students who feel they will benefit from more personalised tuition with a program that is developed for their needs. They still receive the same benefits as Group students.

Can I add/remove a subject?

Definitely, just email with your name and subject you would like to add/remove. Our friendly enrolment team will get back to you with how to proceed!


What is the essay marking subscription service?

At FCT, we understand that not all subjected require weekly (or even fortnightly) tuition. That is why we created the essay marking subscription service, which is a monthly subscription that allows you to submit up to 15 documents a month to get marked by our state ranking and high achieving tutors.

If you need extra assistance, or want to schedule a lesson with our tutors to discuss their feedback, you can do so at a reduced hourly rate for that subject.

How much is this service?

The essay marking subscription service is $40 per month (this is $2.67 a document).

What happens if I want to cancel?

No problem! Just email with at least 48 hours notice before your next months billing. Our enrolment team will contact you with a confirmation.


How much does FCT cost?

You can view pricing for the program here.

Another thing to note is that the pricing changes for group classes if you enrol in more than 1 subject:

1 subject: $70/week

3 subjects: $175/week (save $35!)

4 subjects: $220/week (save $60!)

5 subjects: $260/week (save $90!)

How often am I charged?

Our payment system works to bill you once every fortnight.

You can also pay for the program upfront for the year with a 10% discount.

We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

What happens if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your service with us at any time, just email with your name, subjects and reason for cancellation and give us 2 weeks notice. Our enrolment team will contact you to discuss how to proceed.

If you have paid upfront, you will be refunded the amount of lessons left, less the 2 weeks notice period and less the 10% discount that you received.

Can I pause my service?

We understand that sometimes you may need to pause your services with us for whatever reason.

To do this, you will need to email with your name, subjects, reason for pausing and date to resume.


What is the Learning Portal and how do I access it?

Our learning portal is a combination of our learning program and our discord server. They work together to allow our students to learn and develop their skills at their own pace.

Once enrolled, you are given a unique invite link into both aspects of our Learning Portal so that you can access our extensive range of resources and tools.

Do we get additional resources?

Yes! While resources vary from subject to subject, they may include powerpoint slides, worksheets, sample responses, summaries, lesson booklets, practice tests & questions as well as our 2 practice exams to monitor your progress.

They are uploaded as necessary throughout the year but students can always contact their tutor for extra resources if they would like some.

How does Discord work?

Discord is an instant messaging and digital distribution platform that allows your tutors to share resources and announcements with all their students!

Once you join via your personalised invite link, you will then be assigned ‘roles’ which are the subjects you are enrolled in, these roles will allow you to use specific subject chats to ask questions to your tutor and your class OR message your tutor privately with any questions you may have.

You will also get access to our ‘Study Rooms’ which are voice activated rooms where you and a group of friends can sit and study together, using microphone and camera functionalities to assist each other. Our tutors frequently roam these study rooms to provide any assistance if necessary, free of charge!

If you have any questions about using Discord, feel free to email for help!

Are assessments a necessary part of FCT learning?

Yes! Once or Twice a term (depending on the subject), our tutors give our students a practice exam, set under exam conditions. These are then marked and put into our Learning Portal for both our students and their parents to see how they are improving during the term.

We follow the belief that it is better to make mistakes in our classes rather than in your exams, so our mock assessments prepare you for your internal assessments, and eventually the HSC!

Can I contact my tutors out of hours?

Yes! You can message your tutors at any time of the day for help and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

This means that if you are ever stuck on a homework question or need help with an assessment that is due soon, you can always contact your tutor for help!


Are FCT tutors trained?

All our tutors undergo extensive induction and training every year to further assist them to provide a better service for our students.

Do FCT Tutors have Working with Children's Checks?

Yes. We ensure all our tutors have valid WWCCs.

Will I have the same tutor throughout the year?

Yep! Our tutors are assigned their classes at the beginning of the HSC academic year, and keep it for a whole term.

In the unlikely event that we need to change a tutor, all students will be notified via the Learning Portal.

Are your tutors qualified teachers?

No. Our tutors are current University students who have recently sat the HSC in its new syllabus format.

All our tutors have state ranked or excelled in their subject area, and are studying in that field, or a related one at University. While our tutors are not qualified teachers, they understand the HSC experience first hand, especially the experiences that arise specifically in relation to the new syllabus.

Our tutors understand the situation your child is in and knows exactly what they are feeling, and the best way to overcome this and achieve the best they can!

How do you choose your tutors? Can I be a tutor?

Our tutors go through a very extensive hiring process where we test their aptitude and knowledge. Most times, we overlook marks and try to look for tutors with the following things;

  • Clear & effective communication skills.
  • Passion for their subject and helping others.
  • Ability to take feedback on board and modify teaching styles for different students.
  • Excellent performance in the HSC.

We are always excited to hear from new tutors to join our team! Our main hiring process occurs at the end of the year after the last HSC exam and new tutors usually are trained and join the team by January. Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to stay up to date on all hiring news!


Does the program run during the holidays?

Yes! In order to cover all year 11 and 12 content in sufficient detail, we must run through the holiday period. The only exception to this is the summer break and the break between term 3 and 4.

Do lessons occur on public holidays?

Group classes do not run on public holidays. In the instance where a class falls in a public holiday, students will be given a lesson recording instead of a live lesson or a repeat lesson sometime during the week at the discretion of the tutor.

Students enrolled into individual classes who have a scheduled class on a public holiday are still able to attend their class as normal unless they wish to reschedule.

Does the group class timetable stay the same throughout the year?

Yes, the class timetable does not change throughout the year.

In the unlikely event that we must shift a class around, all students will be notified immediately.


I have a question that hasn't been covered. What can I do?

If your question wasn’t answered here, feel free to contact us with your question at any time and we will get back to you as soon as possible!