Dealing with Online Learning

Yet again, Parts of NSW have been struck with lockdown. Now that the mode of education has shifted from face to face to online learning, you may find it more difficult to fully engage in the content that is being delivered. This issue will be especially prominent for subjects that are on the more practical and hands on side such as the sciences or creative subjects. It is important to make changes during this tough period to ensure you are keeping up with and understanding the workload that is expected. In my blog today I will talk about some tips you can utilise to maximise your studies. 


With the shift to learning online, you will need to have more control over how you manage your time. No school bells and reminders to attend classes at set times can make school difficult to manage. You may find it hard waking up early for your morning classes or you may be unable to resist the temptation of sleeping in. One way of combating these could be sticking to your regular routine for school – waking up the same time you would normally do for school, attending classes according to your timetable and maintaining your after school study sessions. In this way, you are able to establish a routine and achieve more with your time at home.


One major change in terms of online learning is the lack of physical activity. As opposed to physically moving between classes and spending time with friends during recess and lunch, you are likely going to be situated at a desk with your laptop or computer for the majority of your school day. Sitting all day staring at a screen can have negative effects on your health and can cause issues such as back pain or leg cramps. With this in mind it is important to get up out of your room, go outside for some exercise and to stay active. Even if it’s just a quick jog around your room between classes,walking on a treadmill or strolling around your garden, anything is better than nothing!


Another major thing you can consider is aligning your daily routine at home to your school timetable. If you don’t have an online class yet your timetable says that you would normally have a specific subject for that period, then spend time on that subject! This will help you evenly disperse your time at home to all your subjects. By doing this you can also save a heap of after school catch up and study – making your study a lot more efficient and allowing you to spend more time doing things that you enjoy!


Another thing to keep in mind is your mental health. Staying at home can be lonely and a completely foreign experience. Make sure to keep in regular contact with your friends and loved ones. 


Overall, the shift to online learning is intimidating at first and it may seem difficult to manage but with the right time management you can make it more enjoyable and productive!


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