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Reasons to choose and to not choose Maths Extension 2

If you are currently in Year 11 and studying both Advanced and Extension 1 maths, upon transitioning into year 12, you have the option to pick up one extra unit – Extension 2 Maths! Whilst this is a very challenging unit to pick up, to decide whether you think it is worth picking up here […]

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Selecting pieces of evidence for essays

One of the most fundamental skills required of a HSC English student is the judicious selection of textual evidence to support their argument. Many students tend to just search “important quotes from (insert text’s name here)” and hope for the best but for those of us who want the best marks possible, it’s not gonna […]

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Best Online resources for students

Grammarly Applications like Grammarly help students when they don’t have a peer to review their work or are running short on time to edit. However, it is essential to not depend on the app as it is prone to errors if misused (more commonly when not paying attention). World history encyclopaedia This website has many valuable […]

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How to analyse Primary and Secondary sources

So, what exactly are Primary and Secondary sources? Primary source: Primary sources are original materials; these can be artefacts, letters, speeches, books, videos etc. Secondary source: Secondary sources are often generalised interpretations of Primary sources. For example, a journal article was written about an ancient Greek artefact: other examples include textbooks, books (that interpret primary […]

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