Category: HSC Preparation

Staying motivated in the HSC

The HSC was a big trek for me, I’m not going to lie or sugar coat that one for you. It was definitely incredibly difficult for me to stay motivated when I felt like the work was endless or my marks were below expectation… But in the end, it really is a test of perseverance […]

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Module B breakdown

As year 12 students edge ever closer towards their trial exams, and eventually, their HSC exams, it seems fitting that we begin to break down the first aspect of your second paper, the Module A essay. As always, in order to succeed in any module in English advanced, you must possess a thorough understanding, appreciation […]

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You, Health and the HSC

I know, I know. You’re probably looking at this and thinking not another of these posts again. I had that same mindset too – after all, it IS the HSC. And I’m certainly not here to say that it’ll be easier either because trust me, it won’t be. But while there are lots of things […]

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School Life Balance during the HSC

When most people think of Year 12, they think of stress, procrastination and a LOT of last minute cramming. But it doesn’t have to be like that. It can also be full of excitement and opportunity if you get your mindset right.   Take a break Seriously, I mean it. It doesn’t have to be […]

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