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Best Online resources for students

Grammarly Applications like Grammarly help students when they don’t have a peer to review their work or are running short on time to edit. However, it is essential to not depend on the app as it is prone to errors if misused (more commonly when not paying attention). World history encyclopaedia This website has many valuable […]

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How to keep a work life balance during the HSC

Yes, the HSC is stressful, but you do not want it to prevent you from taking extracurricular activities, from doing things that you love, or from working. The key to being able to maintain the things that you enjoy doing while completing your HSC is achieving a work life balance. Now, how does one do […]

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When you fail to plan, you plan to fail

A teacher who helped me and many of my peers very much in becoming better students throughout high school had a maxim: “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” The notion of planning is critical in attaining success in any endeavor we apply ourselves to. I was once fortunate enough to tour the […]

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