Category: High School

How to Stay Organised

Staying organised and systematic during high school can be challenging. It is so critical for you to develop and refine organisational skills to ensure that you can study effectively and maximise your learning. Below are some simple tips to keep in mind to help you to stay organised.  Create a timetable and schedule – creating […]

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Healthy Study Habits for Year 11 and 12

Many HSC students think they know what a healthy and efficient study routine and habits are, but most fail to truly grasp the importance of them, which has a significant impact on their results. Here are a few study tips and habits you should incorporate into your academic life to maximise your grades.   Be […]

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How to Best Use Past Papers for HSC

Past papers should be an integral part of your preparation for your trials and HSC exams, however, it is important to know how to maximise their impact on the improvement of your results. It is important that you don’t just cram them in immediately before your exams as that will not be an effective strategy. […]

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What should I include in my English essays to maximise my marks?

For many students, English is perhaps the most nonsensical, illogical, and infuriating subjects because of a “lack of structure” and its “ambiguity”. Due to this mindset lots o people struggle to achieve the marks they want and i’m here to change that. Lets see what we can do in order to maximise your marks   […]

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Staying Mentally Healthy, Maintaining Motivation and Preventing Burnout

For many, high school can be an extremely stressful period. Especially as you progress to Year 11 and 12, increased workload, more assessments and exams, pressure to do well as well as uncertainty about the future can make you feel overwhelmed, anxious and tired. Maintaining your health and wellbeing is your absolute number one priority […]

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