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Guide to HSC Biology Practical Investigations

The practical aspect of Biology is as important as the theoretical components. A thorough understanding of the relevant experiments and their results will provide a new depth to your learning. Although your trials and HSC are written, practical components can still be tested in various ways, thus it is very important to know these.   […]

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Dealing with the Biology Trial

It’s probably still taking some time to process just how quickly this final year has passed, but now is the time to step up, because trials have come around. Before the new syllabus was implemented, the trials in some schools made up almost 50% of the internal mark for the HSC, and even though its […]

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Tips for Biology

Get memorising early                                            Let’s face it – most of us aren’t great at memorising. And even if we are, we are still constrained by time and concentration. However, I think we can all agree that cramming content in last minute certainly isn’t ideal and this is just a little reminder to check in on your […]

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