School Life Balance during the HSC

When most people think of Year 12, they think of stress, procrastination and a LOT of last minute cramming. But it doesn’t have to be like that. It can also be full of excitement and opportunity if you get your mindset right.   Take a break Seriously, I mean it. It doesn’t have to be […]

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Guide to HSC Chemistry Practical Investigations

Guide to HSC Chemistry Practical Investigations The practical aspect of chemistry is as important, if not more, than the theoretical components. A thorough understanding of the relevant experiments and their results will provide a new depth to your learning. Although your trials and HSC are written, practical components can still be tested, thus it is […]

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Year 7 Maths Survival Guide

Year 7 Maths Survival Guide   If you’re in your first year of high school right now, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a lot more work to do in Year 7 maths than in Year 6! Today I’ll be sharing some advice with you for Year 7 maths so that you can achieve great results! […]

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Hacks for Extension 1 Maths

Ext 1 Maths can be daunting at first – an extra unit of maths jam packed with all sorts of confusing and complex content. This initial impression often scares us. We may feel overwhelmed by the content we receive in class and feel as if we can’t keep up. But trust me, as time passes […]

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