Hacks for Extension 1 Maths

Ext 1 Maths can be daunting at first – an extra unit of maths jam packed with all sorts of confusing and complex content. This initial impression often scares us. We may feel overwhelmed by the content we receive in class and feel as if we can’t keep up. But trust me, as time passes […]

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Economics: Myths and Effective Study Techniques

For those of you going into year 11, you may be wondering, ‘did I really choose the right subjects for me?” Or even, “should I be changing these subjects to less heavy subjects, so I can ace my HSC?”.    For the year 12’s, congratulations!!! You guys have officially survived the first term of your […]

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Year 7 English Survival Guide

If you’ve just started high school this year, you’re probably wondering what your subjects will be like! The difference between primary school and high school english is quite significant, so today I’ll be sharing some advice for your first year of english studies! Reading your texts is super important. I know it may seem a […]

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