Author: Trinity Dinh

How to Achieve a Band 6 in Legal Studies

Legal Studies is probably one of the most content-heavy HSC subjects. It is also one of the most interesting subjects which encourages you to think critically about Australia’s Legal System. Below are a couple of tips which from my experience, helped me to achieve a high Band 6 in the HSC.   Access the syllabus […]

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How to Stay Organised

Staying organised and systematic during high school can be challenging. It is so critical for you to develop and refine organisational skills to ensure that you can study effectively and maximise your learning. Below are some simple tips to keep in mind to help you to stay organised.  Create a timetable and schedule – creating […]

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Transitioning from Year 11 into Year 12

You have now completed Year 11. Now what? You may feel overwhelmed, anxious and uncertain as you gradually transition into Year 12 – your final year of high school. It can definitely be very challenging, so below are some useful things to keep in mind as you enter into Year 12.   Take time off […]

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Staying Mentally Healthy, Maintaining Motivation and Preventing Burnout

For many, high school can be an extremely stressful period. Especially as you progress to Year 11 and 12, increased workload, more assessments and exams, pressure to do well as well as uncertainty about the future can make you feel overwhelmed, anxious and tired. Maintaining your health and wellbeing is your absolute number one priority […]

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