Author: Kimberley Huang

Dealing with Online Learning

Yet again, Parts of NSW have been struck with lockdown. Now that the mode of education has shifted from face to face to online learning, you may find it more difficult to fully engage in the content that is being delivered. This issue will be especially prominent for subjects that are on the more practical […]

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How many subject units should I take during the HSC?

As a requirement, the HSC requires us to undertake a minimum of 10 units to be eligible for an ATAR. But the question is, should you be taking exactly 10 units or should you take a couple extra units? This is a decision that stumps many students and the “right” number of units will differ […]

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Time Management during the HSC

The HSC is a stressful time and at times it can feel as if you have no time to keep up with all the work you are expected to complete. To combat this, it is important to plan your time wisely to prevent overworking yourself and amplifying stress levels. It is important to remember that […]

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Hacks for Extension 1 Maths

Ext 1 Maths can be daunting at first – an extra unit of maths jam packed with all sorts of confusing and complex content. This initial impression often scares us. We may feel overwhelmed by the content we receive in class and feel as if we can’t keep up. But trust me, as time passes […]

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