Author: Kimberley Huang

Reasons to choose and to not choose Maths Extension 2

If you are currently in Year 11 and studying both Advanced and Extension 1 maths, upon transitioning into year 12, you have the option to pick up one extra unit – Extension 2 Maths! Whilst this is a very challenging unit to pick up, to decide whether you think it is worth picking up here […]

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How should I choose HSC subjects

Choosing HSC subjects can be difficult. Yet, making the right decision and choosing the right subjects and right number of subjects can make a significant difference in how you perform in Year 12. Here are some tips to consider when choosing subjects:   Choose subjects you enjoy. Whether you are an artsy or science-minded person […]

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Transitioning from Year 11 to 12 

By Term 3, Year 11 is finished and it becomes time to transition into Year 12. Whilst this may seem daunting as it marks the beginning of your HSC journey, it is definitely manageable and can be enjoyable. There are a variety of resources both within and outside of your school, many of which are […]

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Dealing with Online Learning

Yet again, Parts of NSW have been struck with lockdown. Now that the mode of education has shifted from face to face to online learning, you may find it more difficult to fully engage in the content that is being delivered. This issue will be especially prominent for subjects that are on the more practical […]

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