Author: Fady Farid

What do I need to know before I begin year 12 English?

As many students come closer to starting their HSC journey, i believe it would be most beneficial for you to fully understand what is expected of you in the year 12 course, what you will complete and what you will learn. Each school works through the modules differently but today we will discuss them chronologically […]

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What should I include in my English essays to maximise my marks?

For many students, English is perhaps the most nonsensical, illogical, and infuriating subjects because of a “lack of structure” and its “ambiguity”. Due to this mindset lots o people struggle to achieve the marks they want and i’m here to change that. Lets see what we can do in order to maximise your marks   […]

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Why is reading important and how to get started?

As students in the Australian education system, reading has been a constant presence since kindergarten and yet by the time we reach year 12, a majority of students only read the texts ascribed to them for study and nothing else. Most people say “I hate reading”, “books are boring”, “books are a waste of time” […]

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How to succeed in the HSC

As many students slowly come to the end of their year 11 journey, they are confronted by the most daunting challenge of their lives to date; the HSC. This concept of the HSC inspires fear and worry and doubt and confusion and apprehension in many students as they enter into the biggest challenge of their […]

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Module C Breakdown

Module C is perhaps the most challenging module you will experience in year 12 and is by far, the greatest differentiator between students during the HSC. Many teachers struggle to teach this section of the exam due to the fact that this module is in its infancy and most teachers haven’t gained the experience necessary […]

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Module B breakdown

As year 12 students edge ever closer towards their trial exams, and eventually, their HSC exams, it seems fitting that we begin to break down the first aspect of your second paper, the Module A essay. As always, in order to succeed in any module in English advanced, you must possess a thorough understanding, appreciation […]

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