Author: Eliza Martin

Dealing with the Biology Trial

It’s probably still taking some time to process just how quickly this final year has passed, but now is the time to step up, because trials have come around. Before the new syllabus was implemented, the trials in some schools made up almost 50% of the internal mark for the HSC, and even though its […]

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Study Skills for Early High School

One of the issues that a lot of senior students face is not having the right study techniques. Today I want to talk about the importance of studying in the younger years. Yes, your Year 7 assessment marks won’t affect your ATAR or your future career options, but every year leading up to year 12 […]

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Moving Interstate for University

Moving out of home straight after high school can be a scary thing. Suddenly you’re in a new city, with new people, living in a very different environment! But although there have been challenges, moving interstate for university has been one of the best decisions I have made.    Throughout Year 12, I needed independence! […]

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Year 7 Maths Survival Guide

Year 7 Maths Survival Guide   If you’re in your first year of high school right now, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a lot more work to do in Year 7 maths than in Year 6! Today I’ll be sharing some advice with you for Year 7 maths so that you can achieve great results! […]

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Year 7 English Survival Guide

If you’ve just started high school this year, you’re probably wondering what your subjects will be like! The difference between primary school and high school english is quite significant, so today I’ll be sharing some advice for your first year of english studies! Reading your texts is super important. I know it may seem a […]

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